The Maze Story

Growing up in a small farming town, Ronen was gifted a lifelong connection to the earth and a sense of community. Since 2004, he has built his company, Maze Products on these foundations and stayed true to his core beliefs to use business as a force for good.

The Maze goal from the outset was to bring quality home and gardening products to the Australian public. With the help of an Ah-maze-ing team that have worked together for many years, Maze has branched out beyond its first range of hose reels to now include compost bins, greenhouses, MINItanks,  vertical gardens and much more.

In addition to the range of Maze products some manufactured locally in Australia, Maze supply many of Australia’s premier retailers with a substantial range from Keter Plastics – the world’s largest exporter of resin home & garden products – as well as a collection of other products imported from countries including The UK, Germany, Israel, Taiwan, New Zealand and China.

With a growing range of innovative products that help foster environmental consciousness in the community, Ronen, recently joined by his wife Hayley are working to complement their range of products with educational resources for the next generation. Living by example, their boys Koby and Ash have not fallen far from the tree and are environmental warriors continuing the family legacy and caring for the planet.

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